The Grenadiers deployed to Canada for six weeks on a large joint infantry and armoured exercise.

Week 1: Dedicated to preparation, zeroing rifles, acclimatisation and getting the vehicles ready.

Week 2 & 3: Focused on development and training, building interoperability between the armour and the infantry. For many it was the first time working so closely with tanks and armoured personnel carriers and was a fascinating couple of weeks.

Week 4: The culmination exercise against free playing enemy force; every soldier wore laser vests which allowed the monitoring of tactics and success in killing the enemy force. This is a lot like laser quest, but with tanks and machine guns and played across hundreds of miles of prairie.

Week 5: After the successful completion of the blank firing phase the Battalion moved into live firing ranges, we thought we had done some amazing things already, but having Challenger 2’s firing in support of the infantry attacking was pretty cool.

Week 6: Once exercise admin was complete the soldiers were given a few days to unwind either conducting free adventurous training, white water rafting and kayaking, climbing, horse riding and ice trekking or heading down to the local towns and the opportunity to impress the local girls with their British accents.