Green Training

Green training ensures that our soldiers are ready to undertake any challenge. Training takes the Battalion across the UK, from kicking in door and fighting through custom made villages to the rolling hills and woods of Salisbury training is never dull.

The use of paintball munitions and lasers vests allows soldiers to train against other army Battalions in competitive and challenging scenarios. This type of training puts the emphasis on individual skills of the soldier, showing where we can improve and rewarding individual success by showing off individuals shooting, camouflage and low level tactics.

Range days and live fire tactical training make our soldiers into crack shots and teach them how to fight in the most realistic training offered by any army in the world. Realism is maintain by the use of explosives and overheard fire guns to provide ‘battle inoculation’. Here the chaos of the battlefield is harnessed in a controlled manner, smoke blinds you, explosions dumb the senses and the whip and crack of machine gun fire above your head sounds too close for comfort. It all combines to ensure that the first time our soldiers find themselves under enemy fire they can respond with confidence and take the fight to the enemy.